How AltimeterThree Influenced Last Year’s Designs

When we updated AltimeterOne and AltimeterTwo in 2014, a few changes were obvious improvements:

  1. A more graphical display
  2. A larger battery
  3. Storage for 100 flights
  4. Recharging cable, instead of “plugging in the whole altimeter”
  5. A more sturdy attachment point
  6. Replaceable parts

But what was somewhat surprising (for those who appreciate our emphasis on keeping things small) is that the products were slightly LARGER than their predecessors. Why was this?

The reason is that the products were to share their form factor with the latest addition to the family, AltimeterThree.

AltimeterThree required an architecture that could accommodate a Bluetooth radio and a flash drive, and the new architecture allowed us to add those.