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We are located in Danville, California.
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Support questions or product info: support@jollylogic.com
To be a reseller of our products: sales@jollylogic.com
To volunteer to beta test new products:testing@jollylogic.com

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Jolly Logic
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About Jolly Logic

Our Mission

At Jolly Logic we mix our love of flight and product design to create fun gadgets for flying sports. If you are looking to take your hobby to the next level, our products can help you improve their performance.

We have a passion for user interface design. Our products have been cited by industry experts as “wickedly accurate” and “the easiest to use,” which we think is an important but surprisingly hard combination to achieve. We believe the key to this is that every aspect of how the product works (software, electrical, mechanical) is designed in-house so that we can come up with a satisfying solution that works in a delightful way. We don’t farm out our design work—we do it ourselves.

We work hard to make our products easy to use, and we make them tiny.

Design and Testing

All of Jolly Logic’s products are designed in-house, including the injected molded parts, electronics, firmware, and packaging. Even some of the more common components (such as the ultra-tiny LCD screens and lithium polymer batteries) are designed by Jolly Logic and are unique to our products. When it comes to very tiny products like ours, most off-the-shelf components won’t do. We have a great network of “can-do” suppliers who quickly create new custom components that we design.

The embedded software in the products and the mobile companion apps is written in a mix of C, C#, and Assembly code.

In addition to our own test facilities (which include a high-altitude vacuum chamber), Jolly Logic has developed a network of volunteer testers who dedicate significant time and expertise to testing products as they are developed. Many of them have full-time jobs at real aerospace and sporting companies and enjoy working with products in their formative stages.


 Jolly Logic’s products are designed and assembled in the USA.

Jolly Logic buys components from around the world and performs assembly operations in California. Having assembly operations located nearby allows Jolly Logic to be more nimble than it would otherwise be if its manufacturing was performed far away.

The Beginning

Jolly Logic is a family-owned business founded in California in 2009 by Susan and John Beans. From humble beginnings with printed circuit boards assembled in-house and plastic parts created on a 3D printer, the products are now in volume manufacturing and the company sells to distributors and retailers around the world.

Everything that you see here was designed by John, including the circuit boards, injection-molded cases, batteries, displays, firmware, iOS and Android mobile apps, instructional guides, and web site. John earned engineering degrees from Clemson and Berkeley and has led product marketing for a number of technology companies in Silicon Valley. Susan has business degrees from Berkeley and Stanford, and has served as Chief Financial Officer for both large and small companies. The couple met while working at together at Bain & Company in San Francisco and have three children who are into science and engineering and enjoy helping with the company.

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