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Important Note:
Keep your rechargeable devices recharged, whether you use them or not!

Letting them run completely down or leaving them unused for longer than a couple of months may ruin the battery.
(This is true for old cell phones and tablets as well.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a smartphone or tablet required to use AltimeterThree?


Can I use AltimeterTwo for something other than a rocket?

No. AltimeterTwo only works on rockets.

Can I use AltimeterOne for something other than a flying, such as hiking?

Not really. Because our products were specifically designed for flying hobbies, they are unlikely to behave the way you’d like for other activities. For instance, if AltimeterOne doesn’t sense certain flight activities, it will automatically turn off after two hours. Also, all of our products report “altitude above the starting point,” not true altitude above sea level.

Why is my AltimeterThree having trouble connecting? It’s worked before…

It can sometimes be faster and more reliable to connect/disconnect your altimeter from your phone’s Settings>Bluetooth (your phone will give preference to Settings over any third-party app on your phone).

Have you recharged your AltimeterThree recently? You may find that a quick recharge makes your connections a lot easier.

Also, try turning off other Bluetooth devices and your mobile device’s WiFi, since it frequently shares resources with Bluetooth on many mobile devices.

Trouble Connecting AltimeterThree Before/After Flight

If you experience sluggishness reconnecting with AltimeterThree from your mobile app, try going to the Settings–>Bluetooth app on your phone or tablet and connecting there. This can often speed up the re-connection process, because mobile operating systems give preference to their own Settings apps.

What’s the Best Way to Attach an Altimeter?

The Snap Mount is great if you have room for it in a payload section, or if you have a strut you can Velcro it to.
For rockets, you can also use strong braided fishing line, as shown in this video.

Altimeter Seems Dead?

Help! I haven’t used my altimeter in a while and it’s dead.

If the red charging light comes on when you plug it in to charge, but you can’t turn the altimeter on when it is unplugged, you need a new battery.
Lithium batteries always wear out over time, especially if they are not used and frequently recharged. You will need a new battery, which we can help you with.

If you do NOT see a red light when you plug your altimeter in, it is not getting power.

There are three reasons for this:
1. Your computer (or whatever device you’re plugging it into) is turned off.
2. The altimeter is plugged in upside down (older versions, the new version with cable prevents this)
3. The altimeter is not pushed in far enough (older versions).

The newest generation of products use a Micro-B USB cable (included).

For older versions which don’t use a cable, sometimes the USB port and the altimeter just don’t fit together well, and you’ll need to find another port somewhere. Or one inexpensive solution is to buy a “Type A USB Extension Cable.” You can buy these from places like WalMart for less than $3.

How Do I Use the AltimeterOne and AltimeterTwo?

It’s easy!

  1. Hold the button down until you see “Launch” (“0000” on older versions) to clear the display.
  2. Attach the altimeter to your rocket, plane, kite, hunting falcon, or whatever you’re flying.
  3. Make sure the altimeter is exposed to the outside air pressure, and not sealed up inside your model. You should create small ports in your fuselage or payload compartment to allow air to enter freely.
  4. Launch!

How Do I Recharge My Altimeter?

That’s easy, too.

  1. Plug the altimeter into any standard USB port (computer, printer, USB charger).
  2. You’ll know it’s recharging when you see a red light glowing.
  3. When charging is complete, the light will turn green.

You’re ready to go!

Bluetooth Setup Guide for AltimeterThree

Setting up a wireless connection between mobile devices can be frustrating, so we’ve created a step-by-step guide with for getting going.

Bluetooth Setup Guide

User Guides

Current Versions

 AltimeterOne User Guide

 AltimeterTwo User Guide

 AltimeterThree User Guide

 Chute Release User Guide

Pre-2014 Versions:

 AltimeterOne User Guide

 AltimeterTwo User Guide

Repair Instructions for Chute Release

This visual repair guide shows how to assemble and inspect your Chute Release if you attempt a repair yourself. Please email us if you need additional help.

Chute Release Visual Repair Guide

Repair Instructions for Altimeters

You can purchase replacement cases, batteries, and LCD displays in the Jolly Logic webstore. The plastic cases are fairly easy to replace for all of our altimeters, but only our current models have snap-in batteries and displays. For older models (made before 2014) you’ll need to be fairly handy with a soldering iron to replace the battery or LCD, or you can order our Battery Repair Service. Please be sure to read these repair instructions before purchasing parts or attempting repairs yourself.

Current Generation Visual Repair Guide

A2x500box A3x500box A1x500box

Pre-2014 Repair Instructions

We offer a battery repair service for altimeters that look like this:

AltimeterTwo300DiagGrillColor AltimeterOne300DiagGrillColor

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