Beta Testers Needed

Interested in being part of the development of new products?

Jolly Logic is looking to expand its beta testing program for upcoming products. Beta testers help by testing new product prototypes in order to help us as we develop the firmware and get the features to work as easily and reliably as we can. Sometimes features are added or removed during beta testing. For instance, when the AltimeterTwo began testing it showed just two results (top speed and altitude). Eight more were added during the program (ejection altitude, flight duration, max and average acceleration, delay times, engine burn time, and descent rate).


  • » Work with cool new products before anyone else
  • » Have an impact on how products work


  • » The product likely won’t (yet) work correctly
  • » It requires a little work on your part to keep a record of your tests

Here’s a typical day in the life of a beta tester:

You:   “Hey, yesterday the [PRODUCT X] did something crazy. While I was doing [SOMETHING], it started flashing ‘ERROR’ and then shut off. Now it won’t turn on.”

Jolly:   “What were you doing exactly?”

You:   “Let me look at my notes…” [EXPLAINS IN DETAIL WHAT HAPPENED]

Jolly:  “Oh. Yeah. Turns out you can’t do [SOMETHING] in that order yet. There’s a bug. I’m sending you a new unit. Send that one back.”

You can imagine that using a product before it works reliably can be frustrating, but it’s all part of product development. If you think you’d like being part of that, let us know.

Email us at if you’re interested.