Consumer Safety Info

Consumer Product Safety Information

Jolly Logic’s products are designed using lead-free components and manufacturing processes to conform to worldwide safety regulations, including the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2008 (the “RoHS Regulations”)  in Europe.

Jolly Logic products are designed and assembled in the USA, though individual components within them may come from around the world, typically because some countries dominate in their production (example: batteries, displays from Asia). In all cases these components are certified by their manufacturers as lead-free.

The ink that is used on the outside of the product as well as the user’s manuals are printed in the United States using only non-toxic materials.

Jolly Logic products are used by people of all ages, but because of their small size (and the nature of the activities in which they are used) are primarily intended for people over the age of 14.

Consumer Safety Info

Consumer Safety info

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MSDS available here.
Dangerous Goods Declaration Form.



1. Identification of the product covered by this certificate:AltimeterOne, AltimeterTwo, AltimeterThree, and Chute Release.
2. Citation to each CPSC product safety regulation to which this product is being certified:This product is intended for use for ages 14 and up, and is not subject to any bans or restrictions by the CPSC.
3. Identification of the U.S. importer or domestic manufacturer certifying compliance of the product:Jolly Logic assembles this product in the United States of America.
4. Contact information for the individual maintaining records of test results:John Beans can be reached at

support @
5. Date and place where this product was manufactured:Manufactured in Milpitas, California and Danville, California in 2018.
6. Date and place where this product was tested for compliance with the regulation(s) cited above:None.
7. Identification of any third-party laboratory on whose testing the certificate depends:None.